An 8-week program for non-technical founders on the the basics of full stack development so you can start building the project of your dreams


Where do I start?

There's hundreds of programming languages, a thousand developer tools, and an infinite number of tutorials and online guides to coding. But what do you actually need to know to start building your ideas?

Fullstack Founder Factory is all about teaching you just enough in each part of the stack so that you feel comfortable starting your coding journey and learning more as you go.

Other coding schools want to get you hooked on their classes. The goal here is to get you working on your own project as quickly as possible and make you a self-sufficient self-learner of coding for the future.

Who is this program for?

You have an idea (or tons of ideas) that you're dying to build. You don't want to outsource your project because you know that if you want to get something done right, you have to do it yourself.

You are a fast learner, hard-working, and don't give up easily. You are ready to devote the time to learn how to build your own product and then continue to grow your skills.

If this sounds like you, then Fullstack Founder Factory is where you need to be.

What you should expect

An intense 8-week journey that takes you from being non-technical to working on your project at every part of the stack: frontend, backend, database and server. After the program is over, you'll be part of a community of alumni who are all continuing to grow their skills and helping each other in the process.

Week 1: The Basics

  • How the internet works, how a computer thinks and how we interact with computers
  • What is the “full stack” & the 4 programming languages you need to know
  • What else is out there? Scripted languages vs. Compiled languages
  • Tools of the trade

Week 2: Understanding code

  • Coding structures
  • Best practices
  • Conceptual problems that you will need to solve when programming
  • Planning your project

Week 3: Diving into Frontend (HTML + CSS)

  • HTML elements
  • CSS & Classes
  • Advanced frontend concepts

Week 4: Database Design

  • Figuring out your data model
  • Extending your data model & SQL basics

Weeks 5 + 6: Getting into Backend

  • Basic functions
  • Functions involving data
  • Advanced functions & models

Weeks 7 & 8: Client-side Javascript

  • Setting up, loading and managing Javscript variables
  • Using Javascript to get data
  • Javascript frameworks and adding them to your project
  • Dynamic behavior in HTML elements

Bonus Time: Setting up your web server

  • Getting you a domain name and web hosting
  • Getting the initial configuration right
  • Deploying your app to your server

You need to have the time for:

  • 2 sessions with the instructor totaling 5 hours every week
  • At least 10 hours of working on your project on your own every week

Here's what happens every week:

  • During the first instructor session every week, you're introduced to the concept that we're covering that week, we go through examples together, explore useful learning resources and you have the chance to ask all your questions.

  • Then during the 2nd session with the instructor every week, you actually work on code as your instructor guides you towards using what you learned to advance your project.

  • At home, you apply what you learned to make the majority of advancements on your project. Part of working at home is to also engage in self-guided study that builds off the concepts you learned during the instructor sessions. However, you should also ask questions to your instructor as necessary during your at-home time.

Your Instructor

Ilya Usorov

Ilya started the Fullstack Founder Factory so he could share with others the ability to bring products to life. A little over 2 years ago, Ilya co-founded the tech startup day100 and didn't know how to code. Working with contractors wasn't panning out, so Ilya became determined to figure out how to learn to code himself.

Recently, while reflecting on the experience of being a self-taught fullstack founder, Ilya saw the potential to also help founders and founders-to-be get the skills and knowledge they need to be able to start working on their dreams as full stack founders.

You can see Ilya's Github repository with the code to this site and other projects here:

What are Fullstack Founders building now?

Tom, former CEO of Dstillery, rebuilt the digitial experience for Midnight Run, a non-profit that he serves on the board of.

Jason, CEO of Bstow, used his skills to build for one of Bstow's clients.

Drew, CEO of Wade & Wendy, is applying his newly found abilities to build Mindful Stream, a journaling app to help people build the habit of daily reflective writing.

The Details

8 weeks

sessions start on your schedule

the program is only available in NYC

15 hours

minimum time required per week

but the more you can devote, the more you'll get out of it


tuition, per student

due prior to start of sessions

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